Celebrating coming back to my blog after 2 and a half years without any blog activity, and sharing again with all of you mi tiny/great “sewings” that fill in my spare time.


Celebrating my family’s and friend’s.


Celebrating that big worries from one week ago have become today small ones.


and Celebrating mi little “fish” Birthday, who 3 year ago decided to pass by and say hello, filling with joy our hearts.

So I could not slip this great opportunity away and have been creating a lot of fishes in Malona’s workshop to use them as a bag marker from my kids… and their mates at school.

The cloths have been chosen and matched by “Floreta” y “Peixeta”, balloons and paper cards included.

I hope their friends like it too!


We have so many things to celebrate every day… but sometimes we slip away those moments…and all of you, what do you celebrate?

Have a nice week!