Three years ago today, I launched the «web world» a simple post announcing my first steps in what my blog Malona Alona «The Costuritas» would become. It seems that I even relive the nerves and struggles with the unknown editor WordPress, to achieve the desired appearance, balancing aesthetics and tailor content and pictures …

Primer Post Malona Alona 12-01-2012


So in this way, it was born an exciting project that allowed me to show in a web support the bursting and creative world that had grown on me after so many years of costuril lethargy and coinciding with a hormonal and creating bustle that took place inside of me and that ended up in another delivery:  my sweet daughter Floreta.

I do not know if it was coincidence or twist of fate but three years later I find myself again in a similar frame of mind, wanting to renew my creative space giving a new view to my dear blog Malona Alona, and including new content and new applications to it, that you’ll have opportunity to discover and enjoy in the coming months.


Thousands of visitors, a growing number of followers and especially the affection of all those who have valued throughout all this time my work through their comments, their views and proposals for awards bloggers despite my reluctance to the latter. They have been and are an incentive to continue working to offer my interpretation of the world through «costuril world».

That’s why I’m celebrating, because they have been three great years sharing a passion with other Costuritas, receiving and encouraging ideas. So besides blowing candles, asking 3 wishes and tasting a delicious cake that we have done at home with our little Floreta, I want to continue celebrating with you and draw between all of you a surprise: A kitten DORA sewn for the occasion. DORA was one of my first creations, in fact this is the model 202  out of Dora Series  200. It will wear a first original label logo so lovingly designed for my blog in its beginings, as it soon will change to the new logo that you can see in this new website.

DORA will be hugged by the winner of the draw and receive its warm, as the seeds inside it will delight the chillier ;).


DORA 202

To participate in the draw Anniversary please leave a comment in this post and let me know:

  1. what is the post that you like best of 2015 and why?
  2. what would you prefer that Malona Alona enhanced this 2016?

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I do not want to say goodbye without sincerely thank you again your company all this time. I look forward to continue enjoying it for many years more but also being able to allow you to enjoy my «costuritas», stories and all those things comes to my mind.

So as they say around here … PER molts ANYS !!!

Para participar en el sorteo del Aniversario por favor deja un comentario en este post, y hazme saber :

  1. cuál es el post que más te ha gustado del 2015 y el por qué
  2. qué es lo que te gustaría que Malona Alona potenciara durante este año 2016.


No quisiera despedirme sin agradeceros de nuevo y sinceramente vuestra compañía en todo este tiempo. Espero seguir disfrutándola otros muchos más y cómo no haceros también disfrutar con mis costuritas, historias y eso que se me pasa por la cabeza.

Así que como dicen por aquí… PER MOLTS ANYS!!!



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