Handbag, messenger bag, ruckbag, travel bag, knot bag….but, how many different types of bags do English use?From the viking baggi,  this word is top trending in internet searches for something so ordinary as what we currently call “bolso”.

From latin bursa, that also comes from greek βυρσα/byrsa, the word “bolso” is the key word for calling that “little sack” made of fabric that we use to wear women (although every time more men use it and wear it as additional pocket) and that has a main task which consists in containing and transporting an “endless” list of complements of frequent use  (all of them classified as basic necessity articles) such as purse, keys, telephone, make up… (and that each one continues with her/his own list that for sure is quite long…). The size, shape,  and style could be diverse… numerous materials: leather, plastic, fabric, at the mercy of style…. like mosts of the complements.

This month I have decided to test with this type of complement. On one hand a messenger bag will renew the current one and on the other hand a different style quite radical ” a knot bag” (Japanese bag) as a present for a very special birthday girl.

For the Japanese bag, I used a tartan fabric combined with another with japanese graphology (what who knows what says) and for the messenger bag… red in flower fabric for the outside and more flowers in green/pink/yellow and ladybirds for the inside.

The final result quite good for both bags: I just hope that the wristle system to handle the japanese bag doesn’t try with her new’s owner patience and to my surprise, the messenger bag has suddenly become in ruckbag- the bag has two ways for wearing it, but I am currently quite happy with the ruckbag option… could it be that I can’t wait for going to “Escola” (school) like my baby?

knot-bag-1 knot-bag-2

mochila bolso-bandoleradetalle-asa-bolso parte-atras-bolso interior-mochila